About Public Events

For over 50 years, Caltech's public events program has offered the Caltech family and the community at large a gateway to world-class scientists, artists, and speakers, making the Institute one of Southern California's acknowledged cultural centers. Science lectures, performing arts, folk music, chamber music—Caltech Live! offers top-flight events at multiple locations on campus.

Caltech enjoys a unique relationship with the community of Pasadena and surrounding cities. As part of its commitment to being an active institutional citizen, Caltech provides multiple outreach programs that benefit students, educators, community partners, local businesses, local government, and campus neighbors. Each collaboration Caltech undertakes with community members is driven by the individual engagement of participants from Caltech. Their personal passion is the key ingredient to the history and traditions that distinguish Caltech's presence in the community.

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And be sure to join our email list! We promise not to flood you with messages: we send only about one each week, with information on upcoming events and even an occasional email-list-only discount offer. Just send a note to events@caltech.edu asking to be added to the list.

Campus Programs and Public Events Staff

Please send general inquiries and web site comments to events@caltech.edu.

U.S. mail can be sent to any of us at

Caltech Campus Programs
Mail Code 15-6
Pasadena, CA 91125

Phone and Fax Numbers:

Ticket Office: (626) 395-4652
Fax1: (626) 395-1787
Fax2: (626) 395-1721

To dial any of the campus extensions below from outside campus, 
please dial (626) 395-xxxx.


Campus Programs & Public Events

Director of Campus Programs
Cindi Dale
x3831, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Campus Programs
Nicole Ayers
x4696, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Manager of Campus Programs
Cara Stemen
x3841, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Michelle Attebery
Operations Manager
x4696, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Assistant Manager for Finance and Administration
Wendy Vazquez
x3833, fax2, Mail Code 101-51

Lighting & Stage Technician
Carl (Ed) Brown
x4698, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Outreach Associate
Mary Herrera
x6059, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Audience Services Coordinator
Adam Jacobo
x5907, fax2, Mail Code 101-51

Audio & Stage Technician
Jeff Lewis
x6657 fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Stage Manager & Systems Administrator
Dwayne Miles
x3839, fax1, Mail Code 15-6

Ticket Office Customer Service Coordinator
James Muro
x4656, fax2, Mail Code 101-51

Membership Coordinator
Robin Puri
x3685, fax2, Mail Code 101-51